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Bellevoye Bleu

If you had not of heard of this French blended malt you are not alone, because it was new to me as well when I saw it in the Air France Lounge in Paris.  A little online research suggests this is a blend of 3 single malts of different regions of France and finished in new French oak casks.  It is bottled at 40% ABV but nosed like it was much stronger.  Very feisty and malty with barnyard, floral and even perfurmed notes in the nose.  Hot and sweet on the palate with some flashes of toffee which were quickly masked by pepper and even a slightly acrid smokey note.  The finish has some chilli heat with a hint of lemon peel marmalade.  A splash of water improves it greatly, smooths out the grainy mouth feel and brings out some more fruity and sweet flavours.  It is not bad but posseses little elegance or sophistication so in that respect it is not a very French French whisky.

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  • Monday, 29 April 2019 03:29

    Out of the Wilderness

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    I am very happy to announce that I will returning to Houston Texas this summer after almost 4 years working overseas.   Most of that time has been spent in Dubai which has not been a great place to blog about whisky but once I am back in Texas I hope to refresh the website (which is well overdue) and promise to try and post more regular blogs and whisky reviews that everyone out there can then just ignore much more frequently.  In summary, everything will be just like it was before....

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    Glenfiddich 30 year old

    I am sure there are some people out there who can't get pass the fact this fantastic whisky is from Glenfiddich. I am not one of them.  This is an excellent dram but clearly at over $300 bottle it is not for every day drinking, however I treated myself at bar recently to this one (because I am worth it).  The nose has zesty fruit notes, mandarin orange maybe, even marmalade, some oakiness and even some sweet molasses. There is also a freshness not unlike the smell in the air after a thunder storm (which is ozone I beleive).  The taste is honey, malt and some vanilla and becomes even sweeter with a little water.  Complexity is not an issue, there is plenty here to ponder and my glass was over far too soon.  The finish has wood, like recently polished wood actually, some more citrus notes and is quite drying (sherry butts at work perhaps?).  With water it becomes a little more tannic but is still delicious.  Good work, I would still reach for the 21 year old first but I will order this again for sure and see what else I get, I am sure this expression will reward persistance.