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Paul John Brilliance

If you are reading this and surprised about the fact there is good Indian whisky then stop reading.  Enough has already been written (here and other places) that if you are still reading this blog (and god only knows why) you don't need to hear anymore about how Scotland is not the only country now making very good single malt whisky.   This expression from the Goa based Paul John Distillery is bottled at 46% at ABV and has a fruity and bready nose.  Reminded me of malt loaf with fresh butter.  The mouthfeel is crisp and the flavours bright with nougat, milk chocolate, Terry's Chocolate Orange, vanilla and some spice.  More vanilla and herbal notes in the finish.  With a little water it loses some body and gets sweeter.  My note book says "David Beckham whisky.... very well put together but perhaps a little simple?"

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  • Monday, 24 April 2017 12:21

    Manhattan Project: #31

    Written by

    Location: Skyview, La Cigale Hotel, Doha, Qatar

    Date: April 2016

    Price: 65 QAR ($17.85 USD)

    Recipe: Np recipe

    Garnish: None

    Served: Rocks

    Comments: Not bad. Well balanced with the biiters coming through to balance out the sweetness.

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    Old Forester

    A rather nice bourbon that is a bit "under the radar" perhaps because it's parent company owns the Jack Daniels and Woodford Reserve brands.   The nose is very fruity, some oranges, wood, spice and vanilla all evident and at 43% a little alcohol can be detected.  Overall the nose reminded me of opening a kitchen cupboard in the run up to christmas and getting the waft of spices, wood, dried fruits and even a little marzipan.  The taste is very smooth and mouthfilling, sweet with brown sugar, candied fruits, some menthol (rye content is quite high) and some bitter dark chocolate maybe.  Some spice heat builds in the finish, pepper, bitter coffee, oak but all balanced by the sweetness from the taste.