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Highland Park Viking Honour 12 year old

The nose on this is salty and fruity, with some seaweed, a hint of rubber and a prick of alcohol even at 43% ABV.    The taste is rich with toffee, burnt coffee, caramel at first then some more acrid camp fire notes and along with bitter fruit peels and spices.  The finish is gentle hum of heat and peppermint along with some smokiness.  At 43% ABV it can take a drop of water and still hold up, but it doesn't need it.  Overall a delicious expression from one of my favourite distilleries.

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  • Monday, 16 August 2021 13:17

    Manhattan Project: Experiment #65

    Written by

    Location: The Marsh Tavern, Manchester, Vermont

    Date: August 2021

    Price: $18

    Recipe: Listed as Black Manhattan with Basil Hayden's Port Infused Dark Rye, Averna Siciliano, Black Walnut and Vanilla Bitters

    Garnish: 1 x black cherry and orange peel twist

    Served: Rocks

    Comments: Interesting flavor that was rather led by the vanilla bitters.  A great drink but quite pricey and I am not 100% sure it was manhattan.

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    Hudson Manhattan Rye

    I followed my tasting of George T Stagg at Reserve 101 with this.  First thing that jumped out was the price.  At $20 a shot it costs the same as the Stagg and about 3 x what a glass of Sazerac Rye (my benchmark for all rye) would cost.  I understand craft distilling makes for a more expensive product... see Garrison Bros bourbon.... and these guys at least try to soften blow a little by selling in 375 ml bottles rather than usual 750ml, but at this price this had better be good!!  The nose had some fruity notes but as I mentioned before there is an issue with glassware at R101 and I could not discern much else.  The taste is quite light, sawdust and a flash of milk chocolate.  It gets a little better with water and some candy and fruit notes come out.  The finish has mint and pepper, but not quite peppermint, and some spices.  Not in anyway offensive, very drinkable in fact but if had my last $20 to spend in Reserve 101 and given a choice of this or Stagg... well there is no choice, I would take the Stagg or three glasses of Sazerac.