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London Distillery LV 1767 Edition

Note: This was first attempt to limit my increasingly rare tasting notes to 280 characters so I can also tweet full review rather than link for all my millenial readers....

London Distillery LV 1767 Edition

54.3% ABV, 100% Rye and aged for 1400 days

Nose: Black cherry, plum, Cadbury Fruit and Nut with biscuit

Taste: Sweet, chocolate, coffee and more fruit

Finish: Peppermint and oak bitterness. Slight grain note indicative of youth

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  • Saturday, 12 January 2019 09:06

    Seaton's Law of Whisky Investing Update

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    Not long after I wrote the blog a few weeks ago the news was full, as I once predicted, of news around fake whisky (so actual fake news).  An example story from BBC is below but in summary twenty-one out of fifty five bottles of rare Scotch were proven to be outright fakes.  In short I felt this required me to update my prior blog to include my new, Fourth Law of Whisky Invesment as follows:

    Law 1 Investing: Allocate for investment in Whisky exactly the same amount of money you would be willing throw onto a fire and watch burn

    Law 2 Buying: If you are reading on the internet or in a magazine about a great investment, then it isn't.  Law 3 now applies.

    Law 3 Selling: Appear in a series of magazine articles and internet postings about how great whisky investing is.  Then sell your shit.

    Law 4 Owning: The "rare" whisky you own is quite possibly a fake and worthless.  For that reason do not under any circumtances allow it to be checked.  Law 3 still applies.



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    Jack Daniel's Unaged Tennessee Rye

    Not something you see everyday.  I bought this bottle at the distillery in March 2013.  The nose has lots of cereal and grain notes including the rye and the (all too) familiar white spirit notes as well.  The taste is very smooth with some sweetness, anise, mint and even at 40% abv a little alcohol.  Is there also some charcoal or is that the power of suggestion?  With water I also get a chocolate note.  The finish is clean and short with the herbal / vegetation note I often find in white spirit (and tequila) and some white pepper.  I am not wild about the white whiskey fad and as I am I not going to be mixing too many cocktails I decided to age this one myself and after finishing these tasting notes I  transferred the remaining contents of the bottle into my mini oak cask.  It will be interesting to see what a few months in there does for the color (it was crystal clear when it went in) and taste.