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Kilchoman Sanaig

I am a big fan of sherry cask aged and finished Islay whisky (Bowmore 15 The Darkest is still all time Top 10 for me) and so I was looking forward to this 46% ABV no age statement expression from Islay's youngest distillery (but not for much longer!). The nose is classic "bonfire on the beach" with some cooked fruits as well.  The taste is very sweet with caramel, vanilla toffee, green apples and of course some peat which then goes on to dominate the finish while some tannin Sherry notes also push through drying the mouthfeel.  With water the sweetness turns to brown sugar and the peat turns more smokey; hot and peppery on the palate.  It is good but the sherry feels held  back rather than forward on this one.

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  • Friday, 25 November 2011 20:26

    My First (and worst) Whisky Joke

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    As it is the holiday season in the USA I thought I would post my first whisky joke.  I will see how many I can come up (or steal) as I develop this site.

    Knock, Knock.   Who's there?  Knocked.  Knocked who?  That's right, Knockdhu distillery, the makers of AnCnoc.

    If you can do better then please email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or enter as a comment on the Blog tab.  Happy holidays.

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    Southern Comfort

    Many of these entries have turned into confessions and here is another.  When I was only 16 or 17 I used to drink Southern Comfort and Lemonade.  Sorry. I probably haven't tried it since then until I saw a 5 cl bottle recently online.  The nose has peaches, sugar and with only 35% abv nothing that indicates it is an alcoholic drink really.  It smells more like a dessert.  The taste has more sugar sweetness, peach preserves or jam (rather than fresh fruit) but I do like the mouthfeel, it is not gloopy or syrupy like Drambuie. Sweet finish, more peach and finally right at the end a hint of oak that suggests something in this has at least seen the inside of a cask.  Throw in some ice to cut sweetness for sure, but stay away from the Lemonade.  Please.