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Mortlach 12 year old

The nose on 43.4% expression is very floral with some wheaty breakfast biscuits and spicy notes.  The taste is very smooth with baked spiced apples (maybe even slightly burnt) caramel and honey.  The finish has some slow building heat along with some Bovril (salty / meaty) notes.  Reminded me of good Texas barbeque brisket with strong spice bark.  Overall a ittle too much burnt, salty and bitter notes with not enough sweetness to balance it for me. 

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  • Wednesday, 08 May 2013 07:06

    So Many Whiskies: By The Numbers

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    I thought I would use the milestone of over 440 whisk(e)y reviews to analyse exactly what it is I have been drinking over last 18 months since I started www.somanywhiskies.com.  The results I have to say are not particularly surprising given my tastes and location.  440 whiskies sounds a lot (and is some ways it is.... especially when try finding a whisky I have not yet tried in a "typical" store or bar) but when you consider most conservative estimates (and I don't mean that in a Fox News sort of way) suggest the number of world whiskies is comfortably over 10,000 I still have quite some way to go.  Assuming that I could find them at same rate as I currently acquire whiskies it would take me about 32 years to get to 10,000 reviews.   To paraphrase the movie Jaws..... I'm going to need a bigger server.  And an internal digestive tract made of titanium or perhaps the same stuff they make airplane back boxes out of.  Anyway, I digress, below is a very high level breakdown of the first 440....

    255 Scotch whiskies

    89 American whiskies

    31 Irish whiskies

    19 Canadians

    14 Japanese

    Which by my University of Wales maths means 32 fall into the category of "Others”


    222 single malts

    175 of 202 Whiskies to Try Before I Die (just 26 to go.... then what?)

    90 blends

    52 bourbons

    15 Rye whiskies

    15 blended malts


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    Hazelburn 12 year old

    Every now and then a whisky (or perhaps my palate) will play a trick on me.  This happened when I sat down to taste Hazelburn 12 year old.  Hazelburn is of coures the unpeated expression from Springbank... and everyone knows that there is no peat in Hazelburn.  OK... everyone with a whisky a blog knows that (but that is still a shed load of people).  I definately knew that.  Yet something in this suggested "peat" to me in this one.  I know there is no salt in Highland Park... but I can taste it!  So the notes below reflect what I wrote at the time and I will have to go back at some point and try it again in a different environment.  The nose is sweet and nutty with pepper (like peppered cashews) and l also I get a sweet peaty note.  The taste is smooth at first, even creamy, then caramel sweetness, citrus fruits and spice begins to build in the chest and takes over into the finish.  The finish is warming and rich, a fire in chest (not burning but glowing) and again there's a note I want to say is peat but might just be an oak spice!  The citrus turns into grapefruit  peel behind the warmth.  The addition of water increases fruit character and creaminess.  Very nice...forceful but not a bully.