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Red River

This is a Texas bourbon finished in Pinot Noir red wine casks at the Western Son distillery in Pilot Point Texas.  If you haven't heard of Pilot Point, dont worry about it,  neither had I and I have lived and / or worked in Texas for over quarter of a century!  The nose has some red berry fruits and sweet port wine along with the usual suspects of corn and sawdust.  The taste is smooth on palate with some oak, brown sugar and cola.  The finish has white pepper, green oak and ends with drying wine notes.  It's good... but for me this 42.1% ABV expression misses the fruit from the nose in the taste and finish that would help balance out the bitter / oaky notes of the finish.

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  • Tuesday, 31 December 2013 20:32

    London Distillery Company Update: "Luke Warm" Off The Press

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    If I ever had an opportunity to break a real whisky story on my website this was probably it... and I blew my chance so badly I have made the ObamaCare website look organised and efficient.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog I am a very minor shareholder in The London Distillery Company ( http://www.somanywhiskies.com/blog/item/390-living-the-dream ).  I took my first tour of the facility in September 2012 before construction had really begun and have since visited Darren and Andrew at the TLDC on at least 3 occasions.  Considering this and the fact that Darren and the team started the historic malt spirit production on December 12th 2013, an event I had prior notice of and also access to exclusive "behind the scenes" photos like I have used in this blog, you would think as a whisky blogger trying to make his bones I would have got around to writing something about this before now.  Well the truth is many people covered the story much better than I could (with very notable exception of @whiskycast ... what gives?).  Being a businessman first and blogger second I am rather glad that the BBC and Reuters were breaking this event rather than a second rate blogger living in Texas.  If you are interested (I really hope you are) I have attached some of the way better, and much more timely, coverage at the time.  Happy new year.

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    Red Stag (Spiced with Cinnamon)

    Jim Beam are certainly keen to have a range of brands that use every drop of whisky they produce.  In addition to their tradional brands and generally excellent small batch brands, recently they had added the Devil's Cut where they mix and then sell the whisky they can recover from old barrels and now they also have a range of flavored whiskies called Red Stag.  I would have stayed away from them but Ian Buxton included Red Stag in 101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die and so I had to try at least one.  Observant readers may notice that in the book Ian reviewed Red Stag Black Cherry, however I did confirm with Ian via Twitter (@101whiskies) that the specific flavor was not the point here... so pedants please do not email or comment, this one counts.  The nose had some vanilla and other familiar bourbon notes.  Nothing untoward here at least.  The taste was sweet, and the texture was a little viscous for my taste.  Gloopy almost.  There is some honey and vanilla in the taste but the cinnamon spice soons kicks in.  This spice lasts into the finish but overall it is not enough to balance out the sweetness of the taste.  That's about it, sweet with cinnamon.