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Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

This was unexpectedly declared the “best whiskey in the world” in 2015 by Jim Murray and due to resulting “online hub-bub” (or as I call it OHB) I chose to stay away at that time and revisit this controversial whisky at a later date. I am glad I did because of the excellent price point it is really very good value. Made from a 90% rye mash bill the nose has lemon pledge, coffee, vanilla, toffee and even some floral notes. The taste is smooth and creamy, lots of the notes from nose with Wherther’s Original candy and milk chocolate. The finish has peppermint, some grassy herbal notes and a little oak.  The buttery creamy mouthfeel reminded me of The Macallan. Is it very good but I can’t say if it was the best in the world that year because I did not try them all.

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  • Sunday, 12 June 2016 09:58

    Manhattan Project: Experiment #19

    Written by

    Location: Hilton Americas Lobby Bar, Houston, Texas

    Date: June 2016

    Price: $ 15 ($20.40 SGD)

    Recipe: Bulliet Rye based

    Garnish: Black Cherry

    Served: Rocks

    Comments: Nice rye forward and not too sweet.  Also gave me choice of bourbon or rye...

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    I find this blend's marketing strategy more than a little annoying.  Firstly they claim to be world's oldest distillery, they dont even claim to be the oldest whiskey distillery and use the date 1757 in their labelling.  I think they are wrong on a couple of counts.  I have to been to Mount Gay in Barbados  who claim to have been distilling since 1703 and secondly (and this is the the big one) the distillery is not operating.  Today this blend is manufactured at Cooley's.  There are plans to re-open but this to me is more than a little misleading.  As for the product?  Well I like the nose, it has stewed pears at first then some honey.  Sweet and fruity.  The taste is quite light, brown sugar, bananas, some vanilla and something I could not quite place, but almost metallic and not too pleasant.  The finish is spicier than taste would suggest, oaky and peppery which created some balance issues for me compared to the very light taste.  Maybe my issues with the marketing had an unfair negative impact on how I was predisposed to this one... but whatever the reason it didn't do anything for me.