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Glenfiddich Fire and Cane

This release is part of the Glenfiddich Experimental series and bottled at 43% ABV (which is quite unusual from Glenfiddich).   It is a peated malt that is finished in rum casks, hence the Fire and Cane (as in sugarcane)  name.  The nose is smokey, but more camp fire rather than strong peat.  Fire before the Cane.  The taste is spicy and nutty, chocolate, pepper, brown sugar and some honey and a hint of the phenol from peat.  The finish is a little hot, like eating burnt cake batter off a wooden spoon.  Water brings up more brown sugar and some lemon peel.  Very nicely done but not sure I would pair peat and rum casks, personnally I prefer peat and sherry casks.

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  • Sunday, 30 October 2016 15:18

    Manhattan Project: Experiment #25

    Written by

    Location: The Fish House, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

    Date: October 2016

    Price: $18 AUD ($13.68 USD)

    Recipe: Colour (see picture) and taste suggest made with vermouth, not sweet vermouth. .

    Garnish: Lemon peel

    Served: Up

    Comments: Not sure if making it with dry vermouth was bar error or house recipe… but it didn't work

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    Blanton's Single Barrel

    This was the first commercial "single cask" bourbon, the Americans were much slower than the Scots to that particular niche, and comes from the Buffalo Trace distillery and my bottle was at 46.5% ABV.  The nose is very rich, with vanilla and some alcohol, and none of the grain spirit notes I often find in bourbon which reflects some additional time spent in oak.  The taste is also rich and satisfying, with oak and pepper leading.  There are some sweeter caramel and corn syrup notes and even citrus fruit zest, but they are not to the fore at all.  The finish is spicy, long, robust and reveals some cigar notes and I think this would go well with a smoke.  With water it gets a little softer and creamier and some herbal rye and aniseed notes come through in the finish as well.  This is not quite the flavour profile I tend to go for in bourbon (I would like a little less oak and little more sweet) but I can appreciate this is well made and complex and know others will love it.