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Glenfiddich Fire and Cane

This release is part of the Glenfiddich Experimental series and bottled at 43% ABV (which is quite unusual from Glenfiddich).   It is a peated malt that is finished in rum casks, hence the Fire and Cane (as in sugarcane)  name.  The nose is smokey, but more camp fire rather than strong peat.  Fire before the Cane.  The taste is spicy and nutty, chocolate, pepper, brown sugar and some honey and a hint of the phenol from peat.  The finish is a little hot, like eating burnt cake batter off a wooden spoon.  Water brings up more brown sugar and some lemon peel.  Very nicely done but not sure I would pair peat and rum casks, personnally I prefer peat and sherry casks.

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  • Saturday, 12 January 2019 08:38

    Manhattan Project: Experiment #45

    Written by

    Location: Xian Bar, Bossa Nova Mall, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

    Date: December 2018

    Price: 80 rials ($21.53 USD)

    Recipe: Requested Makers Mark

    Garnish: Cherry

    Served: Up

    Comments: For this price it had to be good... and it was.  Much better than previous visit to Rio (Experiment #27)

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    Connemara Peated

    I first tried this whisky in the hotel bar the night before WhiskyLive London in March 2011.  I liked it a lot and therefore was quite surprised (and disappointed) when I recently tasted the cask strength version of this because for me that one missed the mark.  I MUCH prefer this 40% ABV expression.   The nose is very fruity, red apples and I was left with the question.... where's the peat?  The taste has more fruit, banana maybe, perhaps just "generic fruit", like juicy fruit gum.  The peat comes through in the finish however.  Overall not complex and more reminiscent of fruity taste I find in pot still styles whiskies like Red Breast than a strongly peated Islay.  Good though.

    Update July 2012.  I revisted this whiskey recently and when I do that I often get some new or different notes, but this time I had such a different experience I thought it was worth noting those.  I did not change the overall rating but did find it a more peaty experience second time around.  Still not sure if bottling changed or my palate did  but anyway here are the more recent notes... the nose had an immediate hit of briney peat and iodine, that faded to reveal some fruits.  The taste had caramel, lemon and perhaps some sherry.  The finish started as campfire smoke and then became peppery.