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Glenfiddich Fire and Cane

This release is part of the Glenfiddich Experimental series and bottled at 43% ABV (which is quite unusual from Glenfiddich).   It is a peated malt that is finished in rum casks, hence the Fire and Cane (as in sugarcane)  name.  The nose is smokey, but more camp fire rather than strong peat.  Fire before the Cane.  The taste is spicy and nutty, chocolate, pepper, brown sugar and some honey and a hint of the phenol from peat.  The finish is a little hot, like eating burnt cake batter off a wooden spoon.  Water brings up more brown sugar and some lemon peel.  Very nicely done but not sure I would pair peat and rum casks, personnally I prefer peat and sherry casks.

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  • Monday, 29 April 2019 03:29

    Out of the Whisky Wilderness

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    I am very happy to announce that I will returning to Houston Texas this summer after almost 4 years working overseas.   Most of that time has been spent in Dubai which has not been a great place to blog about whisky but once I am back in Texas I hope to refresh the website (which is well overdue) and promise to try and post more regular blogs and whisky reviews that everyone out there can then just ignore much more frequently.  In summary, everything will be just like it was before....

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    Sullivans Cove Port Barrel

    My first whisky from Australia and I have to say this one blew me away, both literally (bottled at 60% ABV) and figuratively.  Wow!!  On a recent business trip to Paris I stopped in at La Maison du Whisky and noticed they sold sets of Australian whiskies in 4 cl sample tubes in a very nice presentation box.  As two of the whiskies in the box set are also in the book 101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die I bought it and for some reason when back in my hotel room I chose the Port Barrel to start my Australian whisky journey.    Good choice.  The nose had dark fruits... figs, plums, black cherries (pick one they were all there).... and chocolate.  Perhaps because I was in Paris I wrote in my notes "fancy french bakery".  So powerfuland good was the nose there was hardly any alcohol even though this was a 60% ABV bohemeth.  The taste had more fruits plus spices like nutmeg and cinnamon and more bitter chocolate.  Neat it was very drying and with a little water it got creamier and sweeter, perhaps toffee.  I also got a little smokiness at the very end.  The finish is longer that a Peter Jackson Middle Earth epic with tobacco, cocoa and fruits again.  Might be my favorite discovery of 2012.   The only problem... how the hell do other Ausralian whiskies live up to this?