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Grangestone Sherry Cask Finish

The third expression in this series is, like the other two, bottled at 40% ABV.  The nose has lots of dried fruits, prunes, raisins, digestive biscuits and a slight farmyuard, vegatal funkiness.   The taste is more dried fruit, prunes, bitter dark chocolate and citrus peel.  The mouthfeel is quite creamy, chewy and even oily.  The finish is spicy with fresh cut jalepenos and black pepper.  Not massively complex... consider if Macallan had an off day.  However Macallan's bad days are still better than many distilleries good days.

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  • Sunday, 02 August 2020 19:19

    Manhattan Project: Experiment #53

    Written by

    Location: The Tavern, The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs 

    Date: July 2020

    Price: $14.00

    Recipe: Spencer's Manhattan which according to menu is ... Rye Whiskey, Drambuie, Bitters

    Garnish: 3 cherries

    Served: Up

    Comments: Drambuie in a Manhattan?  No Vermouth? That was a first.  The color strongly suggests that vermouth was in the recipe.

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    Heaven Hill Kentucky Blended Whisky

    If you see this somewhere, run, run like the wind.  If someone serves you this and call you their friend... shoot them.  No jury will convict you.  I bought mine in a gas station in Louisiana.  That alone tells you enough and you no longer need to read on.  It was described on the bottle as 20% Kentucky spirit and 80% neutral grain spirit.  80% NGS.  Yikes.  There was not much nose, perhaps a little vanilla.  The taste was watery, nutty, vanilla and candy.  Not actually unpleasant if I am being fair.  Finish... my notes say "not really, perhaps a little pepper".  Reach for ice and coke bottle.

    I understand why this prodiuct exists, I really do, but what I dont get is why on earth, with all their fantastic brands and products (Evan Williams, Elijah Craig etc) do Heaven Hill choose for once to put their name on this stuff?