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Dalmore Bordeaux Finesse Limited Release

This sample came from a private bottling for the Houston based liquor store Spec’s. To be honest I suspect it may have been a “limited release” because it was not a great example of Dalmore’s output, and in fact not a great example of wine finished single malt period. It is however a great example of Seaton’s Whisky theorem which states that “Rare Does Not Equal Good” and “Common Does Not Equal Bad”. The nose is buttery but has an alcohol burn (bottled at 54.3% ABV). The taste starts with the same alcohol bite and some mustiness, followed by sweet green grapes and citrus peel.   Finish, as you might expect based on taste with that much alcohol is dry and even grainy. Water helps a little, sweetens taste and lowers burn but I am left with impression Richard Patterson had taken a day off when this cask was selected for bottling.

Additional Info

  • Country of Origin: Scotland
  • Type: Single Malt
  • In '101 Whiskies to Try Before you Die': No
  • In '101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die': Nope