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Highland Park Viking Honour 12 year old

The nose on this is salty and fruity, with some seaweed, a hint of rubber and a prick of alcohol even at 43% ABV.    The taste is rich with toffee, burnt coffee, caramel at first then some more acrid camp fire notes and along with bitter fruit peels and spices.  The finish is gentle hum of heat and peppermint along with some smokiness.  At 43% ABV it can take a drop of water and still hold up, but it doesn't need it.  Overall a delicious expression from one of my favourite distilleries.

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  • Sunday, 02 August 2020 19:19

    Manhattan Project: Experiment #53

    Written by

    Location: The Tavern, The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs 

    Date: July 2020

    Price: $14.00

    Recipe: Spencer's Manhattan which according to menu is ... Rye Whiskey, Drambuie, Bitters

    Garnish: 3 cherries

    Served: Up

    Comments: Drambuie in a Manhattan?  No Vermouth? That was a first.  The color strongly suggests that vermouth was in the recipe.

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    Wild Turkey 81

    I found it fitting that in the middle of the Makers Mark ABV "scandal" I tried a bourbon that proudly includes it relatively low proof (or ABV) in it's name.  High ABV simply does NOT mean good whiskey... yet too far many people seem to think otherwise and my guess is they would dismiss this 81 proof (or 40.5% ABV) based purely on that.   The nose on this is not strong, I get some peaches and other over ripe sweet fruits.  With time some bubble gum and rye notes as well.  The taste is creamy and sweet, the fruit from the nose combine with classic rye spice tingle.  The finish has a little cinnamon spice and oak, but overall remains as soft and mellow as the nose.  A lightweight whiskey perhaps; but nethertheless it is good.  Restraint is not a sign of weakness.... it is a sign of confidence.