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Cu Duhb

Cu Dubh is gaelic for “black dog” and this is marketed as “black whisky”. There are only a couple of major flaws in this strategy, the significant one being it is not black. I admit it is dark, but it’s not close to being black. (Note to Marketing Department… try a black rather than clear bottle?) Another flaw…? How about the fact no-one has ever, to my knowledge, uttered the words “I really like scotch but it just isn’t black enough”. Anyway the nose is not great, some spice but something a bit off. I wrote down licorice. Did they add licorice to get the color? That seems unlikely as it would fall outside of definition of scotch whisky.   There is remarkably little to the taste, some herbal notes, chocolate, sweet and spicy. Reminded me a little of a Hot Tamale candy. The finish was peppermint, rather short and with some dry oak. More like the product of a 1970’s sweetshop than a distillery.

Additional Info

  • Country of Origin: Scotland
  • Type: Blend
  • In '101 Whiskies to Try Before you Die': No
  • In '101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die': Nope

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