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Wemyss Spice King 12 year old

One of a range of blended malts (one of my favorite whisky genres) from the Weymss family that is about to open a distillery near the fabulous Kingsbarns golf course outside of St Andrews. Spice King is bottled at 40% ABV. The nose has honey, caramel and hints of the warm spice to come. The taste starts with creamy toffee then in comes pepper and cinnamon while something like vanilla lurks in background.   The finish, while not long, adds another grind of fresh black pepper to the mix.

Additional Info

  • Country of Origin: Scotland
  • Type: Blended Malt
  • In '101 Whiskies to Try Before you Die': No
  • In '101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die': Nope